The most important decision that you will have to make when buying a car is choosing which car to buy! Well to help you in this decision-making process, below are listed some advantages of buying an SUV.

• Seating Capacity
SUVs are capable of towing over 2500 pounds and most seat five passengers and some have a third-row seating. For carpoolers and large families, this seating is a necessity and ideal! It is a sort of luxury to ride around with plenty of legroom and free space.

• Excellent Mileage
SUVs are more efficient on mileage and can achieve over 30 miles per gallon on the highway. SUVs are excellent in the capacity and benefits.
• Safer
An SUV is safer because of it’s larger and heavier built. As it offers a taller seating, it makes traveling more comfortable. The cargo section has more space thus making it easier to carry heavy or lengthy things. SUVs provide some psychological security.
• Versatility
SUVs are more versatile than any other car. You won’t have to worry about road surface or conditions. You can choose from the five modes, including the automatic drive to concentrate on driving rather than changing the control yourself.
• Towing
SUVs have powerful engines that’s why they are up to any challenge of pulling something heavy behind. The advanced grip control, better visibility, and weight are all advantageous when it comes to towing.




• Better in flood
You can count on your SUV to drive through a flood. With better equipment, SUVs can be outfitted to make its way in deeper waters.
• Winter driving
Most people choose an SUV because they want a vehicle that can navigate on icy roads and snow. SUVs are better at handling rough weather than rear-wheel drive cars.
• Carry more cargo
Most people choose SUVs over Sedan and other types of cars because it has more space to carry out things. If you are going on a trip, SUVs are the best option for a car. It is not a wonder that most vehicles get heavy when they loaded with luggage but an SUV doesn’t.



• Ideal for pets
Small compact cars are not that good for your pets to travel as they won’t stay still when the car is on the road. That’s why an SUV is the best option to buy if you consider having pets. SUVs are the best to choose when you have a dog.
• Off-road trips
SUVs are the best to have if you are planning a trip around the mountains or hills. Being off the road is ideal for SUVs as your car is protected to accommodate long suspension travel.

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