Trends In The Automobile Industry

The future of the automobile industry is changing and we all are adapting to this change. This lucrative field of investment for the block-chain industry has created many opportunities over the years and has not ceased to do so. From noisy cars to the self-drive cars, the car industry has come a long way and it is continuing to with these latest trends adding up to the lot!

• Electric Mobility
Electric-powered or assisted cars are not anything new. Nearly all car companies have introduced hybrid vehicles over these past decades. Evolving from the soap bar shaped cars to full-tilt supercars, these cars have excellent performance.
• Touchscreens
With the advent of smartphone technology, everything has changed especially how we manipulate and maneuver through interfaces. Integrating smart-touch in vehicles has eased most drivers. This trend is now being incorporated in most vehicles with different versions and updated technology.


• Autonomous Driving
Lexus and BMW have been in the driver-assist technology for years now. However, with the recent changes, more car companies are adopting driver assistance technologies. Well, now you can be driven to work while tweeting about the latest news!
• Password For Your Chain
Imagine having to enter a password to enter your car, well this is a future that most car companies are working on. The digital identity management or a user account and password for your car are soon to become a reality!

The emerging technology in the car market is never-ending, we just need to keep updating ourselves!

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