What Are The Different Types Of Vintage Cars?

A vintage car is the most general sense a that is from the period of 1910 to 1930. Car enthusiasts have categorized their cars into antique, vintage, and classic cars. So what the different types of vintage cars that exist! Here is the list:

• 1935 Duesenberg SJ LA Phaeton

Based in Auburn, Indiana, Duesenberg was a luxury automobile company that was active from 1913 to 1927. The car’s speed and potential gave it legendary status in its time and is now considered as one of the automotive technological marvels.
• Chevrolet Corvette

The most collected vehicle in America is Chevy Corvette. As the most iconic American car ever made, this car is still breathtaking and fresh today.
• 1961-1969 Lincoln Continental

This car makes you feel like the President of the USA. This car became a renowned vehicle because it featured in motion pictures. It is one style that will never be forgotten.
• 1949 Cadillac Series

Featuring a brand new 5.4 L engine and a horsepower of 160, this Cadillac was one of the sought after when it came out in the 1949s.
• 1963-1965 Buick Rivera

Sharing no common features with the other models, this car had a thrilling horsepower of 325 and an engine of 6.6 L V8. Buick had an average price when it launched on the market.
• 1934-1940 Bugatti Type 57

With an engine of 3.3 L and a horsepower of 135, this car was the Ferrari of the 30s.

These are just some of the lot. There’s more to this!

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