Awkward Situations Only People with Cars Can Relate to

Owning a car is a great experience as it makes you independent and allows you to move freely across any city that you want. You can conveniently go out on your own. It also saves you time as you can cross the town in only a couple of minutes. However, we have to agree that there are some awkward moments when you are a car owner. Let’s visit those moments together.

That moment when you wonder if your car is going to fit in that precious parking spot you found :

While some people suffer from body dysmorphia, I think that I suffer from car one. Most of the time, I am 100% confident that my car is so small that it can fit in any spot that I find. I guess I get paranoid as I literally have to drive around for 45 minutes until I find an empty spot to park my car. That is why I have lost my ability to tackle any situation in an intelligent way. However, let me say that normally my car does not fit in every parking spot and it is very awkward especially when people are looking at you like you are an idiot.

How you react once your gaslight turns on :

This is one of the most stressful moments of a driver’s life, well in my case it is. Once I see my gas light turns on, I immediately go into panic mode. I always imagine the worst scene that my gas will be over in a dark and lonely alley and I might get kidnapped by a wolf which normally does not happen. The most annoying part about my gaslight turning on is that it is always my fault. As I am the one who drives every day and I am the one who is responsible to fill my tank. I know that I should stop by a gas station from time to time instead of waiting for that orange light to blink. Still, I manage to find myself in that awkward situation every time.

Feeling insecure about how my car smells

Your car reflects you that is why you always feel paranoid when someone else has to drive with you. Have you ever entered your car and you have some sweat-inducing circumstance going on in there? You start panicking as you think that you are the one smell. Similarly, when someone travels with you, they enter your world. If you are lucky enough, your car is going to smell like daffodils and roses. Congratulations! But if you are like me and you store your shoes or yoga mat in your car, well I wish your friend good luck! I hope that they survive during the car trip.

The constant debate in your head whether your passengers are judging you based on the contents in your car or not

I am always unprepared for people to travel with me. I will be the one to offer someone a ride and when I go to pick them up, that is the moment I realize all the contents that are present in there. Well, there is a stack of self-help books spread on the back seat and my running shoes just down at the passenger seat. By seeing this mess, I am always paranoid about my passenger’s reaction. Well if I would have been in someone else’s car and I see all those contents, I would have been judging them too. Does this happen to you too?

When you have just washed your car and it starts raining

Let’s be honest here, we don’t really have time for a weekly car wash. Weare so lost in our daily routine that weekends are spent either inbed watching movies or reading books. At least I do these things. Onthe special rare occasion that I finally decide to spend some of mytime to make my car look like brand new. It will rain for 24 hoursthat day. Mother nature really likes to demoralize me when I finallydecide to be clean and responsible.

When youleave your vanity light on all night and it uses up all your battery

Even though I don’t know much about cars, I know that you are doomed without the battery. Imagine that you are late for work, that at thatexact moment your battery decides to die. Well, nothing can be worse than this! Always check your vanity light people.

That little scratch on your car which was not there before

When I end up in a situation like the mentioned above, I immediately start to list everyone around as a suspect. A scratch on the car causes a lot of stress and embarrassment to the driver. On top of that, it takes a lot of time and patience to be remedied.

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