A Little Bit of Everything You Should Know on Suspension Spring

The suspension spring is associated with the wheel of each of the front and rear axle of the car. Its role is important for the vehicle’s handling. In this post, we will look at its usefulness in detail.

The Function of the Suspension Spring

It absorbs road irregularities to:

Keep the wheels in contact with the ground and thus allow good road-holding;

Filter the shocks resulting from deformation and road roughness to:

ensure acceptable comfort for vehicle passengers;

protect the mechanical components and the vehicle shell from these impacts.

Description of the Suspension Spring

It is the link between the chassis and its suspended components and the elements of non-suspended running gear (all parts that directly absorb impacts due to contact with the road: wheels, hubs, brakes, hinges).

It is helical in shape, made of hardened steel, formed by several turns (open loop that initiates a spiral movement), which makes the suspension elastic. Its oscillations gradually dissipate the energy accumulated by the impacts on the wheels. It works in conjunction with a shock absorber that limits its oscillations.

Maintenance of the Suspension Spring

The suspension spring must be checked visually. It can be strongly corroded by projections (example: salt in winter); it can lose its elasticity and collapse;

finally, it is likely to break in sharp turns and cornering.

Caution: Using high water pressure cleaner on the front springs can cause water and sand to infiltrate the swivel stops (bearings) and thus hinder the rotation of the spring during operation.

In the case of replacement, the springs can be replaced by two (on the same axle). A unique tool called a “spring compressor” must be used by a professional to perform this task.

All Shops Dealing in Automotive Spare Parts Can Supply Spare Springs, i. e.:

Specialized online shops: the average prices vary from 50 to 100 dollars for a pair of springs;

Traditional spare parts distributors: they are 15 to 30% more expensive. The advantage is the local trade, the advice, the guarantee easier to ensure through physical contact;

Brand dealers: they are the most expensive (30 to 50% more costly than online), but you can be sure that you have a part that is faithful to its origin and of high quality;

Competition via the Internet or in specialized online shops: You can modify your springs for competition use or tuning purposes. In this case, the springs are delivered in sets of 4 (front and rear) and charged on average for the complete set from $180 to $300.

Note: Harder, shorter springs (not approved) increase handling (at the expense of comfort) and lower ground clearance.

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