5 Tips to Make Road-tripping in a Caravan Easier

Tip Nº 1: Meal Prep. Meal Prep. Meal Prep.

Picture this. You woke up at dawn to watch the sunrise, grabbed a sandwich, got on your bike and explored the area. Or! You’ve put on your running shoes and gone on a trail with your camera expecting to spend a long day taking pictures for your Instagram. After watching the sunset, you make your way back to the caravan. Once back, you open your cooler hoping to find something that will fill, what would by then be, a very empty stomach. But when you look inside, there are only a few protein bars, sandwiches, peanut butter and maybe a jam jar. Doesn’t sound like a great dinner, right? Now imagine having that for three days straight. What are the chances of you being hangry on the third day of the road trip? High, we bet!

So, to avoid being moody and having to scrounge through an empty minifridge in the evening, prep a few meals before you leave. These will be for the days on which you don’t feel like cooking and cannot find any nearby restaurant. Decide on the types of meals you’d like to eat, plan and prep. Of course, that will depend on the type of storage there is in your caravan. Meal prepping will be easier if you have a minifridge. Also, don’t overcomplicate it. Plan meals that are easy to cook over a fire.

Tip Nº 2: Pack Wisely

Even if you will be travelling in a caravan and not a car, your space will still be limited. You can’t expect to fill up every bit of storage. This is not efficient. Not only will you bring clothes you won’t need but you will also have to dedicate more time to searching for things and cleaning up. Not the kind of things you want to do while on vacation. Take the weather into consideration and the activities you plan on doing.

Do you really need every swimming suits there are in your wardrobe? No, you probably don’t. So, plan and don’t overpack. Think of mixing and matching your outfit. One pair of jeans can be worn on two different days. You simply need to change your shirt or accessorise a bit differently. And voila! A new look without having to pack more clothes. What’s even better about packing wisely is that there’s less laundry for you to do once you are back home!

Tip Nº 3: Ensure You Always Have Snacks on Hands

As strange as this will sound, especially after the previous point, when it comes to snack you want to do the exact opposite of tip nº 5. Considering that you will spend a lot of time on the road and visiting remote areas, it’s better to have more food with you than less. And try to balance it out. You don’t want to get only smores and chips. Protein bars, sandwich fixings and trail mix are also great snacks to bring with you.

They will give your body the fuel it needs after gruelling hours hiking up mountains or going on paddling excursions. After biking or a trek through the forest, you’ll be too tired to go back on the road to find someplace that sells snacks. So, ensure you bring as many treats as possible with you on your trip.

Tip Nº 4: Find a Safe Campsite

A caravan will give you more flexibility than a tent will. Nonetheless, do not get on the road without proper planning. Depending on where you are going, you’ll have to research local ordinances and park rules. This is the best way to ensure that you are allowed to park in that place. You can’t just travel and pick a random place to sleep overnight.

Finding the right campsite is only the first part of this process. Once you are on the site, then the other half begins. You want to park the caravan on level ground. Unless you want your blankets to slide away from you throughout the night, that is. You also don’t want to park too close to any campgrounds light. The light will end up filtering through your windows and probably keep you up all night.

Considering that there are different shapes and sizes of lots in campgrounds, you should be able to find something that suits your taste. Do you want to stargaze? Do you want to wake up to a beautiful view? Or do you want a quieter spot? Depending on that, you can then look for the perfect lot for you. Drive around the campgrounds, if necessary. It’ll be worth it.

Tip Nº 5: Bring a Flashlight with You

While you will be in a van and can expect to be safer than you would had you been in a tent, you should still keep a flashlight nearby. You are still camping and you will probably have to make a few nighttime bathroom trips. In addition, a flashlight will come in handy if you hear a strange sound outside and need to confirm that there’s unwelcome wildlife roaming around.

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