How to Maintain your Motorcycle (Part 1)


   – Motorcycle maintenance: care, repairs, and winterizing

   – Monthly cleaning of his motorcycle

   – Motorcycle maintenance points

   – Precautions for maintenance

   – Frequency of motorcycle maintenance

   – Price for motorcycle maintenance by a professional: from $10 per month

A bike under warranty will not be covered if it is poorly maintained.

To take care of your motorcycle all year round, you should pay special attention to:

   – its maintenance;

   – carrying out the necessary repairs;

   – winterizing your bike correctly.

Motorcycle maintenance: care, repairs, and winterizing

A motorcycle requires time and precautions. This way, you can extend its lifespan and activate your warranty if necessary.

Maintaining a motorcycle means cleaning it regularly and checking the condition of individual parts.

Routine cleaning

A motorcycle must be cleaned regularly to prevent rust, dirt, or wear on its parts. Besides, its components must also be oiled, greased, and replaced.


Over time, repairs will be necessary. You can do them yourself or take your motorcycle to the garage. The most common repair is a flat tire.


In winter, a motorcycle rarely rides. Cold and bad weather, not to mention prolonged immobility, can be fatal. Winter storage consists of storing your bike, if possible, indoors. It would help if you cleaned it, you should fill up the fuel tank, and the chain and battery should be removed.

Monthly motorcycle cleaning

Once a month, if you ride daily, remember to clean your bike. The brighter it shines, the longer you’ll keep it. But be careful to use the right products and not to wet some parts that rust.

Caution: water jet and pressure washer, as well as the use of silicone-based products, will damage your motorcycle. The best treatment is to use a bucket and water and clean by hand.

Cleaning equipment

To clean your bike, you must obtain certain products from a garage or supermarket.

The equipment needed to clean the bike is as follows:

   – a shampoo for bodywork;

   – a shine for the bodywork;

   – a polish for the chromes;

   – a protective wax.

Warning: washing removes grease from the chain. Remember to bring a spray of grease to put back on at the end of the cleaning.

Soap, shine, protect your motorcycle

Before starting the cleaning process, seal the engine and the exhaust pipe in a plastic bag to prevent them from getting wet.

Cleaning a motorcycle by hand:

   – Mix the shampoo and warm water in a basin.

   – Gently soap the bodywork with a sponge soaked in the mixture.

   – Change the water and rinse well.

   – Wipe with a clean cloth.

Make your motorcycle shine:

   – To make the chrome shine, spread a bit of polish.

   – To polish the bodywork, apply a polish.

   – Finally, a protective wax will keep the motorcycle in the same condition for as long as possible.

Good to know: if you don’t have a garage or garden to clean, you can also opt for a professional motorcycle wash. For the price of a wash, with the possibility of a subscription, you will find all the necessary equipment to maintain your motorcycle.

Motorcycle maintenance points

Servicing is essential for the survival of a bike. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can undertake these operations yourself and save money as a mechanic.

This maintenance consists of regularly making sure that the settings remain correct and replacing defective parts.

Maintenance equipment

To maintain your motorcycle properly, you need first-hand equipment.

The equipment needed to maintain your motorcycle includes:

   – motorcycle oil adapted to your model;

   – spark plugs;

   – brake pads;

   – an air filter;

   – brake fluid;

   – coolant;

   – white spirit (if the air filter is made of foam).

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