How Does Car Camber Work?


– Car camber: definition and characteristics

– How does car camber work?

– Car camber: control, adjustment, and price

The camber of a car is the angle that we choose to give to the wheel according to the ground. There is no standard, and the camber can be adjusted according to the model of the car.

If this is not the case, the handling is complicated, the tires wear out more quickly, and the car has difficulty cornering. To avoid these complications, you must have the car’s camber checked once a year. 

Good to know: Usually, this is done during a wheel alignment.

Car camber: definition and characteristics

Cambering a car means tilting the axle’s angle so that the wheels are not vertical to the ground. Thus, the load rests on the axle body (which connects the wheels to the car’s chassis), and the wheels are protected from shocks.

A car’s camber can be negative when the wheel’s top leans toward the vehicle or positive when it is the opposite.

From one model to another, the camber of a car can be different. 

Good to know: a positive camber will wear the outside of the tire more consistently, while a negative camber will damage the inside.

Car camber: how it works

The wheels of the car are connected to the chassis through the axle. Depending on the car’s angle, the load required to be supported by the axle is different, thus affecting your driving and handling.

That’s why it’s essential to contact a professional when you want to make a change. The latter will be able to tell you, depending on your model, the repercussions of a new angle on the functioning of your car:

– If the camber is said to be positive, the vehicle will tend to be challenging to handle in turns with a tendency to pull straight ahead. 

– If the angle is negative, the tire is preserved, the turns are easier to negotiate, and the driver feels better handling.

Good to know: a poorly done camber of a car can lead to the tires’ premature wear and a failure of the running gear parts. In case of a technical inspection, it is a refusal! You have to ask for a second inspection.

Camber of a car: control, adjustment, and price

First of all, a car’s camber’s control should undeniably be carried out by a professional. The driver and his passengers’ safety is at stake: a poorly prepared vehicle can become dangerous once it is on the road. Moreover, the calculations must be made with adequate tools that only a professional has.

It is customary to have your car’s camber checked simultaneously as its alignment, once a year at an auto center. For practical reasons, be sure to do it when you change your tires. The labor and the operation will cost you less.

Some packages allow motorists not to leave to the unknown when they entrust their car to an expert. On average, count $65 for control and adjustment of the geometry of your vehicle.

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Good to know: On some old vehicles, you can adjust only the toe. The rest of the automated report list that the shop will provide you does not count.

Hope this post has helped you better understand the importance of camber in a wheel alignment procedure. Remember to share your views below.

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