What Does Maintaining a Diesel Vehicle Involve?


– Diesel maintenance: operations similar to gasoline

– Particularities of diesel maintenance

– Price of diesel maintenance

– Choosing the right service provider

All types of vehicles need regular maintenance:

– car, whether it is a diesel, gasoline, LPG, electric or hybrid vehicle. This post will focus on the maintenance of your diesel vehicle.

Note: Diesel maintenance information is listed in the service booklet, which is delivered with your vehicle.

Diesel maintenance: operations similar to gasoline

The maintenance of the diesel engine differs, of course, from the gasoline engine, but some operations are similar:

Engine: the oil change is to be carried out and the control of the liquids and the exhaust (without forgetting the injectors).

Electricity: you must check the battery, the alternator, and the bulbs.

Safety: the brakes, shock absorbers, and clutch should be checked and changed if necessary.

The windows and air conditioning are not forgotten either.

Particularities of diesel maintenance

When it comes to safety, windows, and air conditioning, nothing is different for diesel than for a gasoline engine. However, some operations are specific to the diesel engine or carried out at other times.

The engine

Oil and filter changes are performed at different times:

  • The engine oil change is proposed at 6 months, instead of one year for a gasoline engine.
  • The oil filter is changed quickly, after 7,500 km.
  • The diesel filter is changed after 20,000 km.

On the other hand:

  • The control of the injectors is essential because they are the ones that send the mixture (diesel + air) into the cylinder, and they can be clogged.
  • The timing belt is changed later, at 60 000 km.
  • Finally, the smoke opacity control needs to be replaced for the anti-pollution control (every 10,000 km).

Glow plugs: special maintenance

Glow plugs are used to preheat the combustion chambers of each cylinder before and during starting:

  • They are powerful to withstand gas compression.
  • They are replaced after 40,000 km.

A more and more difficult start is a sign that you need to change them.

Price of diesel maintenance

Suppose you’ve chosen to drive a diesel vehicle. In that case, your diesel budget needs to be taken into account, as it represents an average of 12% of your automotive expenses.

According to recent studies, the annual cost of maintaining a diesel vehicle is even higher than that of a gasoline vehicle.

Some 10 years ago, it was 21% more expensive for a diesel vehicle than gasoline.

Note: the complexity of the devices reducing diesel engines’ pollution keeps the cost of maintenance of these vehicles high.

Choosing your service provider

Be very careful in choosing your service provider. Before committing yourself to any steps, take into account the:

  • quality/price ratio;
  • visibility of the proposed services;
  • difference between the prices announced on the internet and those offered on the spot;
  • price of spare parts;
  • price of labor.

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Next time your mechanic talks about maintaining a diesel vehicle, you will better understand what he is talking about. Last but not least, tell us how you find the information from this post and this blog site. Remember to share this post and jot down your request for another topic related to cars and motors.

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