Car Wrapping/Car Branding, What Is It?


    – What is car wrapping?

    – The different types of wrapping

    – Why choose car branding?

Car branding is an excellent advertising medium that allows you to represent your company.

Of course, a car is smaller than a trailer or a bus, but it can have a significant advertising presence on the road with a suitable wrap.

A fleet of cars without advertising on the road day in and day out is a missed opportunity, right?

What is car wrapping?

Car branding is an effective advertising tool because it enhances your image and your brand. Your logo, slogan, or contact information can thus be affixed on a visual compatible with all types of vehicles (utility cars, trucks, boats…).

Car wrapping consists of applying a partial or total print on your vehicle. It is declined in 2 categories:

   – Adhesive marking consists of applying a vinyl sticker directly, in whole or in part, on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. It can renew your vehicles’ colors and look and give you a dynamic, original, and eye-catching image in the blink of an eye. It can also have a glossy or matte finish and be completely removable, which can be very useful for rental or company cars.

    – Magnetic marking, which means affixing magnetic rubber plates on the vehicle. The main advantage of the magnetic marking is that it can be applied and removed very easily.

What makes car wrap so unique?

The car wrap is not only used on the highway! It can be an excellent advertising tool if your vehicles are parked at customers’ homes or in the surrounding area, full of potential customers. The same goes for visits to your customers’ place of business or if you have a company car that an employee uses everywhere, including at home. This is one of the differences between cars and most large vehicles, confined to main roads and commercial parks. Cars are primarily used for commuting and can get your message out in urban areas that are inaccessible to large vehicles.

Different types of branding

Car branding can be applied in different ways depending on your needs:

    – Total covering or total dressing of your vehicle:

        ◦ This technique consists of applying a distinctive visual appearance to the entirety of your bodywork.

        ◦ It is the best promotional means for a company, a brand, or a product.

    – Semi-covering: this is a technique identical to total covering but consists of applying a digital print partly on the bodywork.

    Lettering: This marking technique on a car consists of applying motives (letters, logo) by cutting them directly in the advertising adhesive support (self-adhesive vinyl).

Why choose car lettering?

The main advantage of these car wrapping techniques is the ease of creation and application compared to the other supports of outside advertising. The other benefits for your company would be:

    – high visual impact during your travels;

    – great durability;

    – aesthetic and original visual: increased marketing presence as the fleet trimming increases;

    – low cost: car wraps cost less than paint!

    – quick removal to restore your car to its original appearance, if necessary (e.g., in case of sale of the vehicle).

So, what do you prefer: an all-white car or a dressed-up car that makes you shine everywhere you go?

The choice is clear! Miami AutoTint can turn your fleet of vehicles into a marketing asset of choice so you can make a significant impact on the road.

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