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– Emergency Brake Assist (EBA): principle

– How does EBS work?

– Is there a real need for EBS?

– Price of Emergency Brake Assist

Active and passive safety systems are numerous on modern vehicles and the first steps towards the autonomous car. The EBA system is one of them: equipment, operation, and prices; this post tells you everything about the car Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)!

Emergency Brake Assist: principle

The EBA is braking assistance, more precisely an emergency braking assistance, which is also called “BAS” (brake assist system). This system appeared in the 90s under the impulse of Mercedes.

Initially only available on top-of-the-range vehicles, the company, and then all other manufacturers, gradually equipped mid-range cars with this system and now offers it on all their cars.

How does the EBA work?

Engineers studying drivers’ behavior in emergencies found that they were not using the full braking power of their vehicles. Under the effect of panic, they often even relax the effort on the pedal.

To counter this, the idea of an emergency braking aid was born. Using electronics, the system detects an abrupt application of the brake pedal and, substituting itself for the driver, uses all the available braking power of the vehicle to bring it to a quick and efficient stop. Most systems work with the brake booster, which is the original device that multiplies the driver’s braking effort by using engine vacuum.

For emergency braking at 100 km/h, the gain in stopping distance can reach almost 50% (stopping distance of 40 m EBA in action and 73 m for braking a hesitant or panicked driver).

The sine qua non condition for the presence of such a system in the vehicle is the obligation to have an ABS and ESP system to avoid wheel locking and loss of control of the car:

– ABS (anti-lock braking system) is a device that prevents the wheels from locking during braking;

– ESP (electronic stability program) is a device that stabilizes the car in curves.

Note: when the emergency brake assist is activated, the flashing lights are activated in distress mode.

Is there a real need for the EBA function?

Any driver assistance system that works for the motorist’s safety, such as the EBA system, is most often welcomed by most drivers.

However, it should be noted that for a small category of experienced drivers (pilots), the activation of the EBA function during sporty driving sometimes thwarts the driver’s will and can present a danger in these particular circumstances.

Cost of Emergency Brake Assist

It is difficult to put a price tag on the emergency brake assist system, as manufacturers do not post prices for this equipment. However, it is reasonable to estimate the average price of EBA at around $500.

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