What You Should Know Before Buying Your Car Rims

– You have to choose your car rims according to the type of vehicle.
– Car rims: steel, aluminum, or composite material
– Car rim diameter: 12 to 20 inches
– Car rim: with spokes or with spokes
– Price of a car rim: from $50.

You must choose your car rims according to the type of vehicle.

Rims are used on several types of vehicles: car rim, bicycle rim, motorcycle rim, quad rim, trailer rim, and caravan rim.

Car rims: steel, aluminum, or composite material

The car rim is the essential element of the vehicle wheel. It is designed to receive a tire corresponding to its diameter: the correspondence between tire and rim is therefore crucial.

The car rim is attached to the wheel hub.

For a passenger car, the rim can be made of:
– steel: the most commonly used alloy,
– aluminum: mainly used for high-end vehicles,
– composite material: specially designed for motorsports.

Car rim diameter: 12 to 20 inches

On a car, the wheels are equipped with a specific rim that must correspond to the vehicle model. To find out the diameter of the appropriate car rim and to ensure rim compatibility, the length in inches is multiplied by the proportionality coefficient.

The most common diameters are as follows:


Diameter in inches

Diameter in mm

Types of vehicles

12 ”

305 mm.

Small vehicles.

13 ”

330 mm.

City cars.

14 ”

355 mm.

The most common size found on entry-level cars.

15 ”

381 mm.

Mainly suitable for mid-range vehicles.

16 ”

406 mm.

Used on large vehicles.

17 ”

432 mm.

Used on most sports cars, SUVs, and 4×4s.

18 ”

457 mm.

Heavy-duty vehicles.

19 ” and 20 ”

483 mm and 508 mm.

Specially designed for tuning.

Please note: to find out the diameter of a rim in inches, simply look at the last number on the right side of the tire. Example: P215/65 R 15 where 15 indicates the diameter in inches.

Car rims: Spoke or Alloy

Most rims are bright steel or brushed aluminum, but to better customize your vehicle, colored rims are available, such as gold, black, red, white, etc.

Whatever the type of vehicle, there are different models of rims adapted to it:

Types of car rims


Spoke rim

– Consists of a central hub connected by metal rods tightened with special screws called nipples.
– The spokes are distributed tangentially so as to transmit longitudinal as well as transverse forces.

Alloy rim

The majority of passenger cars are equipped with alloy rims, among which we distinguish:
– parabolic rim,
– helical rim,
– rim with openwork spokes,
– double-spoke rims.

Price of a car rim: from $50

The price of a car rim depends on:
– the type of vehicle to equip,
– the material of the rim,
– the chosen range.
Count on a minimum of $50 for a basic model and up to $500 for a high-end model.

Hope this post has helped you understand which type of car rim you need for your car. Please remember to share and comment below.

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