2 Most Common FAQs on Auto Interior


  1. How to clean and restore car seats?
  2. How to install a baby seat?

1. How to clean your car seats?

The type of the stains and the material of your car seat will determine how to remove them. Here’s a chart on how to clean and restore a fabric car seat:


Nature of the stain

What product to use

Vomit Carbonated water
Blood Ammonia
Oil Detergent
Gasoline Detergent
Food White vinegar
Urine White vinegar
Grease Soda crystals
Alcohol Household alcohol or white vinegar
Any type of stain Ammonia


Generally speaking, ammonia will clean a fabric car seat no matter the stain. You can also try cleaning your car seat with bicarbonate. Finally, if they are significantly stained and the above products do not work, you can steam clean your car seats. It is usually possible to steam clean your car seats at a car wash.

Now, if you have leather car seats, you also have several options:

    – A mixture of makeup remover and a few drops of white vinegar;

    – White claystone;

    – Linseed oil mixed with a bit of white vinegar;

    – Talcum powder for colored leather.

2. How to install a baby seat in a car?

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Your baby’s or child’s car seat should be age and weight appropriate and placed rear-facing as long as possible for safety reasons. Here’s how to properly install a baby seat in your car.


– Child car seat

– How to use the seat

Step 1: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Every child car seat or booster seat comes with instructions on installing it. Naturally, this is adapted to the type of seat. For example, you must install a booster seat with the child’s back to the road and deactivate airbags. With a booster seat, the belt must pass under the arms of the seat to avoid crushing the organs.

Step 2: Secure your baby seat correctly

The baby seat must be placed facing the road for a baby weighing less than 13 to 18 kg. This requires the airbag in the front passenger seat to be deactivated. If this is not possible, place the child in the back of the car. Locate the seat attachments so you know where the belt should go.

Generally, the lap belt goes through the foot of the baby seat the shoulder belt behind the seat. Fasten the belt and position the car seat handle as indicated in the instructions. Depending on the model and for safety reasons, the handle must either be placed against the back of the seat or kept raised.

Note that fasteners allow you to attach the seat in the car without using the seat belt. Isofix fasteners are more expensive but safer. The system also reduces the risk of improperly securing the baby seat.

Step 3: Install your child properly

Once the car seat is secured, install your baby. Close the seat harness and adjust it. Don’t overtighten, but make sure you don’t have too much slack to keep your child secure. Adjust the harness according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, an unrestrained child is a child at risk! Also, you can be fined if your child is not wearing a seat belt.


Over time, your car seats can become dirty or damaged: don’t hesitate to maintain them properly so that they last for years. And to restore your car seats at the best price, call Rivero Auto Interior.

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