4 Useful Tips for Repairing Car Upholstery

You have discovered that your fabric seat is damaged due to a cigarette burn, a scratch, or a discoloration of the seat color. Fortunately, there are simple techniques that you can apply to restore it to good condition. In this article, you will find some tips on how to repair your fabric seats.

 1. Using a needle

    • Ordinary sewing needles are insufficient to repair your fabric seats. 
    • Prefer slightly curved models to make the work easier. You can easily find them in one of your regular fabric stores.

 2. The thread

 You will need a reasonably strong thread specially designed for thick fabrics and upholstery. Be careful; also, make sure that the chosen color matches your seat’s color for aesthetic reasons.

 To begin, double-thread the curved needle. This way, the stitches will hold firmly, and the sewn part will no longer tear. Among the various types of existing seams, it is preferable to opt for a pleasant look for the cross-stitch. This is a type of pattern that looks like an X chain.

 Start the operation at a distance of half a centimeter from the tear, place the needle in the tear and start sewing. Move your needle up to this starting point and feed it along a small diagonal path across the tear. Repeat the same motion, but in the opposite direction, to finish in a cross shape. Ensure that the formed Xs are close together to ensure a certain resistance and have a good visual result. Before cutting the thread, secure your work by passing the needle several times over the last stitches to form a kind of a tie.

 Finally, use a little fabric sealant to camouflage the stitches and to make them last.

 If you have difficulty with this method, it is strongly recommended that you practice on a piece of fabric first.

 3. Use a heat seal patch

 This method is also convenient for damaged seats and especially for holes. However, the technique is only useful if the size of the hole is less than two inches. If you are sure that the damaged part’s size is below this limit, you can proceed and repair your fabric seats.

 You will need an iron-on patch. This is a kind of fabric that reacts to heat. Depending on the patch’s quality and thickness, the price can go up to more than forty francs. It would be best if you found a model with a color close to your car seat color.

 You will also need iron to heat the patch so that it sticks well. So, make sure you have an electrical outlet in your garage. The iron’s cable should also be extended and reach inside the vehicle.

 To start repairing your car upholstery:

  1. Measure the size of the hole and take the measurements on the iron-on patch.
  2. Take a margin of 12 millimeters before cutting it to ensure perfect coverage.
  3. Cut out the piece and make sure that the edges form very regular lines.

 Once this is done, place the patch over the hole and take the preheated iron. Be careful to respect the heating temperature indicated on the instructions provided with the iron-on. If you wish to protect your seat, you can use baking paper. Finally, place it over the repair and iron for 25 to 45 seconds.

 4. Repairing car seats with the repair kit

 It is also possible to repair your car’s cloth seats using the repair kits available on the market.

 To operate, start by cutting the edges of the hole or tear. If a cigarette caused the damage, be sure to remove the hard parts caused by the burn. Next, clean the surface to be repaired thoroughly with a small brush. When the seat is ready, you can prepare the color fiber: make sure that it is identical to the seat’s color.

 Also, remember to check if the hole is deep. If it is, you must compensate the depth with the foam supplied with the kit. Place a piece of fabric on top of the foam and fill the hole with the newly prepared colored fiber and glue.

 To finish, you repeat the following formula, twice in a row: heat the part to be repaired with an iron and a Teflon sheet – cool with a metal block – put the glue in powder form – set the dyes.

 Calling on a professional

 If the wear and tear are rather extensive, it is highly recommended to call in professionals to repair your fabric seats. Indeed, our experts can repair automotive textiles.

 Tears in a seat, especially when it is large, can spread very quickly. If you don’t take care of it as soon as possible, you will soon need to replace the entire seat completely. Replacement can cost much more than a simple repair. So, hiring a professional to repair your fabric seats allows you to make some savings.

 As a professional in automotive textiles, the specialist will also assure you of quality work. He will know how to choose the perfect colors to cover the damages. Besides, the use of unique materials will restore your seats to their original shine and eventually be cleaned of stains. Rivero Auto Interior can handle any necessary modifications to repair your fabric seats by taking care of rips, stains, and faded upholstery.


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