How to Clean Stains on Your Car Seats

Stains on the seats frequently happen when you use your car. These stains can be unpleasant for you, but they are also something to consider if you want to sell your vehicle. So, how to clean your car seats without spending a fortune?


– Cleaning cloth seats

– 1. ammonia

– 2. White vinegar

– 3. Soda crystals

– 4. Detergent

– 5. Steam cleaning

– Cleaning leather seats

– Calling in a professional

Maintaining and cleaning your car is an important task to keep it in good condition. It is essential to distinguish between fabric seats and leather (or imitation leather) seats because the cleaning methods vary due to the differences between these 2 materials. The fabric is more fragile to splashes and stains of liquids than leather, which is resistant to water. On the other hand, the fabric is more resistant to scratches and tears. The fabric, composed of synthetic materials, is also sensitive to burns such as cigarette burns. Leather is more resistant, although it is better to avoid burns!

Cleaning fabric seats 

Car Seats

1. Ammonia

This method is effective for cleaning your car seats thoroughly. The use of ammonia is not specific to one type of stain and can be used for all fabrics.

Ammonia has a strong cleaning power, but its vapors are also very irritating. Therefore, it is imperative to clean your seats outside and air the car by leaving the doors open.

To clean your seats with ammonia:

– Take a damp cloth soaked in ammonia

– Wipe the cloth over the entire seat, not just the stains, to avoid staining

– Insist on the stains by making small circles

– Rinse the entire seat with a clean cloth soaked in water this time

– Let dry or help to dry by using a hairdryer, for example.

2. White vinegar

Like ammonia, white vinegar is effective against stains. It has a deodorizing and disinfecting power and is preferred in food, vomit, and urine stains. The white vinegar is appreciable to remove the bad smells, and it is a good stain remover.

To clean your seats with white vinegar:

– In a bucket, mix 0.5 L of white vinegar in 0.25 L of water and add 2 spoons of washing-up liquid.

– Soak a sponge with this mixture

– Scrub the whole bench again, insisting on the stains to be washed, using circular and back and forth movements.

– Rinse with clear water

– Let dry outside.

3. Soda crystals

Soda crystals (bicarbonate of soda), like ammonia and white vinegar, can effectively clean all kinds of stains on the fabric of your seats. It is a powerful degreaser and cleaner that you can use in many circumstances. However, it will help if you handle it with gloves as it is irritating to the skin.

To clean your seats with soda crystals:

– Mix 1L of warm water with one cup of soda crystals.

– Put on household gloves and clean the entire seat with a sponge soaked in this mixture, focusing on the stains.

– Rinse the seats with clear water.

– Let dry.

Cleaning a vomit stain with soda water is particularly effective on vomit stains because the bubbles help to loosen the stain to be cleaned afterward. Pour a little soda water on the stain, and then rub a little with a damp sponge.

4. Detergent

Detergent is particularly effective on oil and gasoline stains, or bloodstains, which are stains that can be difficult to remove. However, it will help if you use it for localized stains. A few drops are enough to remove a stain.

It is vital to use the detergent with care because it is irritating. Be careful to dilute it with water and use gloves when cleaning.

To clean your seats with detergent :

– In a basin, mix two capfuls of detergent in 1L of water

– Soak a sponge with this mixture.

– Pat the stain to penetrate the solution deeply and immediately vacuum up the liquid with a wet vacuum. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until the entire stain is removed.

5. Steam cleaning

For deep cleaning, it is also possible to use a steam cleaner. These machines are available in stores for about 30 dollars and are very effective on fabrics. Once your car seats are cleaned, you can also use them in your house to clean your sofas, windows, tiles… It’s a double investment!

You can also use water and Marseille soap or black soap with a soft brush. The result will also be good and will give a freshness and deodorize your interior! You can also use these techniques to clean dirty or stained carpets.

Cleaning leather seats 

Leather seats are durable over time but tend to get dirty from contact and rubbing, as well as tarnish and dry out. It is, therefore, necessary to preserve and maintain them! There are also several methods to clean leather (or imitation leather) seats, as explained below.

1. Clean your leather seats with soap and water

Yes, the classic remedy of soapy water works well for dirty leather! You will need the following tools to clean your seats

– a small bar of soap

– a basin of warm water

– a basin of clear water (or a sprayer filled with clear water)

– a soft bristle brush

– two microfiber cloths

Then, proceed this way:

– Soak the brush in warm water

– Scrub the brush on the Marseille soap

– Rub your seats on the surface to be cleaned, not too hard to avoid damaging it, with circular movements

– On-seam areas, rub in the direction of the seam or demarcation and make small circles

– Wipe the surface with the first microfiber, which you will use only for this purpose

– Take the second microfiber, soak it in clean water and wring it out (or soak it lightly with water using the sprayer)

– Wipe the microfiber soaked in clean water over the area just cleaned (to remove excess soap)

– Repeat as needed

Once the washing step is completed, your seats will be clean, and the color will be revived, as dirt tends to dull it. To protect and nourish the leather, you can use unique products sold in car centers, such as nourishing kinds of milk. Depending on the product, they will make the leather shine or give it a matte appearance!

It is also possible to treat the leather of your car seats with Neatsfoot oil for a better result. It allows you to soften and moisturize the leather of your car seats. It also ensures better conservation of the leather.

And here is another technique, if you have the right product at home!

2. Clean your leather seats with cleansing milk

You can also use makeup remover to clean your leather. Like on your skin to remove makeup, the makeup remover will work on the leather to remove dirt.

To clean your seats with this method, you need

– Cleansing milk

– A microfiber cloth

– A sponge and a little water

Here are the steps to clean your leather seats with cleansing milk:

– Take a microfiber cloth and soak it in the cleansing milk

– Rub the cloth over the leather seats gently, but with a bit of emphasis on the stains

– Rinse off the cleansing milk with a sponge moistened with water

– Let dry

Your seats should be clean and free of stains in one go! And to keep them clean and last longer, remember to nourish and protect the leather so that it doesn’t age too quickly or dry out. You can use the nourishing products listed above for this step.

In any case, remember to renew the operation every 6 months to 1 year to keep your seats in perfect condition!

Call in a professional

If none of the above methods work, you can also go to Rivero Auto Interior. They will revive your auto interior with genuine leather to make your car like new inside. If you want to sell your used car at the best price, it is essential to show your car in the best possible condition to convince potential buyers of your car’s good condition and maintenance. Seats are an important part of a car’s interior and are very indicative of the attention that has been paid to it. It is therefore vital for you to present your vehicle in the best possible way.

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