Why Use a Rain Screen for Windshield

Driving in heavy rain is a demanding exercise. In addition to the additional fatigue generated, the danger of an accident is omnipresent due to the slippery road surface and the significantly reduced visibility. Therefore anti-rain windshield products are applied on the visors and windshields of two-wheelers to fix this. These products are also helpful against ice and insects embedded in the windshield.

 Increase visibility in the rain

 With a vehicle in good working order (brakes and tires in good condition), there is an incompressible stopping distance depending on the speed and the road surface condition.

 For example, let’s take a speed of 80 km/h. The stopping distance is the sum of the reaction distance, corresponding to the time needed for the driver to react and press the brake pedal, and the braking distance, corresponding to the beginning of the brake pedal application and the stopping of the vehicle:

 – Reaction distance (1 second): 24 meters.

 – Braking distance on a wet surface: 48 meters.

 – So, a stopping distance of 72 meters.

 But to this, we must add, in a heavy rainstorm, for example, the time needed to discern and become aware of a danger on the road (immobilized car, pedestrian, cyclist, etc.) through a windshield rendered opaque by runoff water. One to two extra seconds will be necessary, resulting in 22 m more per second at 80 km/h, i.e., a stopping distance between 94 and 116 m!

 If it is effective, the interest in an anti-rain treatment for windshields becomes obvious for safety.

 How do anti-rain products for windshields work?

 They are hydrophobic products (not emulsifying with water). They are deposited in a thin film by aerosol or spray bottles on the windshield or glass surface, thus offering a water-repellent effect.

 The drops no longer adhere to the glass surface and do not spread. The weight of the drops causes them to roll off the windshield due to the windshield’s natural inclination and especially the vehicle’s speed. They are then quickly evacuated, leaving an optimal vision, even in heavy rain.

 This anti-drip action is due to the presence of siliconized products. The approximate proportion of the components (not disclosed by the manufacturers, the secret of manufacture obliges) is 1 to 20 % hydrophobic agent containing silicone and 80 to 99 % a solvent (propyl alcohol). Some additives can be added, such as perfume essence and a stabilizer.

 Anti-rain treatment: instructions for use

 For optimal efficiency:

 – First, clean the windshield carefully to ensure perfect cleanliness. The surface must be arid and immaculate, free of traces.

 – Apply a product in aerosol or spray by spreading it with a soft cloth (do not use paper towels).

 Tip: For a clean windshield, rub it with newspaper (only newspaper because of the graphite in print) for its abrasive and polishing effect. No trace will remain!

 Effectiveness of windshield rain repellents

Why Use a Rain Screen for Windshield

 The higher the speed (above 60 km/h), the more effective it is. The result is obvious! Treat only half of the windshield (driver’s side preferably) to check it. The effect of the rain is striking: raindrops do not adhere to the windshield, and vision is clear without the help of the windshield wipers. The untreated part remains opaque because of the layer of water that settles.

 The anti-rain product is effective from 3 weeks to a maximum of one month, which requires regular treatment.

 Caution: cleaning the vehicle with a high-pressure cleaner is not recommended, as the protective film of the anti-rain treatment does not resist it.

 Advantages of the windshield anti-rain treatment

 The advantages of such a product are undeniable and go beyond simple comfort: an anti-rain treatment increases safety at the wheel. Moreover, the driver gains in comfort, and fatigue is less felt, and this product offers the possibility of driving despite the rain showers.

 Note that it is also effective for:

 – Frost (preventive effect);

 – snow (flakes adhere less)

 – Mosquito and gnat impacts (easier to clean).

 Another advantage is its very acceptable cost.

 Be careful, however, to repeat the treatment very regularly, which can represent a certain constraint in time. And do not neglect the preparation of the windshield, which must be perfect: it is the condition necessary for good product effectiveness and the absence of traces (defects noted by some users).

 In short: the effectiveness of the anti-rain treatment has been proven. Unlike many automotive products and additives, it justifies its investment in the name of safety, which is not negotiable.

 Price of an anti-rain treatment for windshields

 On average, a bottle of windshield protectant costs between $3 and $7 per 100 ml, often in 200 or 250-ml packages. A treatment requires approximately 10 ml, about one bottle per year, at one treatment every 3 weeks. The product is also available in wipe form: $2.50/well.

 It is available in car centers, supermarkets’ automotive sections, car accessory stores, and on the Internet.

 Some companies specializing in windshield replacement offer a treatment package for $25. This option should be considered when replacing a windshield or if you don’t want to or can’t do the operation yourself (cleaning + applying the anti-rain product).


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