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The Different Types of Trucks

Trucks are categorized as heavy vehicles. Their specificities speak volumes: their weight and capacity to support a load of approximately 40 tonnes. There are several types. We will discover them in this article.

The Tank Truck

We recognize this truck thanks to its tank, which varies according to the capacities supported by it. The tank truck is often used to transport liquid contents, which, for the most part, are industrial or chemical products. But it can also carry gas which is flammable most of the time. Sometimes, the tank truck is used to transport liquids for agri-food use.

The dump truck

This type of truck is necessary for public works or roads. Depending on the conditions of use, the dump truck can be equipped with a crane. It can also be of the tri-tipper type. You can integrate various equipment on the cab or the chassis.
Generally, this kind of truck is used to transport construction materials such as sand, gravel, or earth. It can also be helpful in transporting edible products.

The Ampliroll truck

It is a truck equipped with an articulated hydraulic arm. The latter can be installed on most bodies. On the other hand, the arm’s power and the truck’s capacity must be considered. The Ampliroll is a system that makes a truck versatile. Indeed, its use allows it to be placed on a container, a dumpster, etc.

The refrigerated truck

As its name suggests, it is mainly used to transport products stored at low temperatures so as not to be damaged. Indeed, refrigerated trucks are equipped with an isothermal body that stabilizes an interior temperature different from the exterior. Thus, this truck can transport, for example, goods over long distances without risk, using a generator to ensure its refrigeration role. But to ensure the correct result in this area, it is better to rely on a road transport professional.

The tank truck

This type of truck is necessary for transporting unconventional loads. Indeed, the goods to be transported have a very special appearance and a weight greater than usual such as, for example, the

side of a ship.

The van truck

The van truck is one of the sectors that are in total development. Equipped with a van, this truck can be refrigerated, depending on the type of goods. Thus, the options of the truck are differentiated according

to the models and the intended destination.

The flatbed truck

This truck supports the transportation of large cargo. It is equipped with sides to hold the goods there properly. Depending on its abilities, it can carry beams and cars.

The advantages of truck transport

A solution for short journeys

Truck transport is the most efficient solution for short-distance journeys . Indeed, loading and unloading goods is easier than maritime or rail transport. The goods leave from point A to point B without changing the type of transport. In terms of time, this type of transport is much more reliable.

Flexibility: an important advantage of truck transport

With improved handling, the truck easily adapts to weather cond

itions and the aspect of traffic. With the evolution of technology, trucks are much more efficient, especially when it comes to communication and organization.

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