What Is the Car Air Conditioner Cleaner Used For?


Car air conditioner cleaner: what is it used for?

How do I use car air conditioner cleaner?

Car air conditioner cleaner: where to buy and at what price?

Car air conditioner cleaner

The air-conditioning and heating system in a car with forced air is a very favorable environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi! Not to mention the many allergens that can also accumulate in the atmosphere. Car air conditioner cleaner provides an effective solution for disinfecting ventilation systems.

What is car air conditioner cleaner used for?

This bactericidal, chlorinated chemical product is used to clean your vehicle’s entire forced air ventilation system.

Characteristics of car air conditioner cleaner

It comes in aerosol, containing a mixture of chlorine, alcohol, halogenated hydrocarbons, and propellant gas. This product is highly flammable and explosive and must be used with all usual precautions:

– It is particularly toxic to the eyes and respiratory tract.

– Please do not smoke, eat or drink while using it.

– Do not expose the aerosol to any heat source and do not keep it near children and animals.

– Some air conditioner cleaners are also available, still in aerosol cans but foam form. Foam is less volatile than other products but is still toxic.

Role of car air conditioner cleaner

Air conditioner controls on a black car dashboard to control the interior temperature of the vehicle

The auto air conditioner cleaner removes bacteria, fungi, pollen, and dust stagnant in the circuit. It also removes foul odors caused by their presence and unfortunate proliferation. Some cleaners may also eventually protect the evaporator and heating radiator from corrosion due to stagnant moisture.

Good to know: Car air conditioner cleaners contain a scent released into the cabin through ventilation.

How do I use car air conditioner cleaner?

The use of air conditioner cleaner is relatively simple as long as you follow the precautions for using this highly volatile and flammable product.

Here are the different steps to follow:

  • First, remove the filter from the ventilation system. If it is dirty or too old, you can replace it with a new one.
  • Before spraying the cleaner into the air system, lower all the door windows and vents of your car.
  • Turn off the air conditioning, but set the ventilation system to the maximum cold airflow.
  • Start the engine and spray the product for about 45 seconds into the system through the filter location you removed.
  • Then turn off the ignition and wait 2 minutes to let the product take effect.
  • Then restart the engine and spray the rest of the product contained in the aerosol into the circuit.

Once the aerosol is empty, turn the engine off again and let the interior of your car air out for about 30 minutes to remove all traces of the product.

Where to buy car air conditioner cleaner and at what price?

Air conditioner cleaning sprays are available in a price range from $7 to $25.

They can be found for sale in auto centers, auto accessory stores, and on websites.

That’s all you needed to know for air conditioner cleaning sprays. Please remember to share and comment on this post!

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