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Matt car paint: its characteristics

Tips for applying matte car paint

Matt car paint maintenance

Today, most car bodies come with a glossy finish. But if you’re into tuning, the discipline of customising cars, you may want something different. A matte finish paint job will help you stand out from the crowd. Our article on matte car paint will take you through all the features of this particular paint and its trendy finish.

Matt car paint: its characteristics

Matt car paint is intended for cars and the bodies of other motor vehicles such as motorbikes or quad bikes. Matt car paint has specific characteristics:

  • It is a solvent-based industrial lacquer, polyurethane, diluted 20 and 25% with one particular thinner;
  • the drying time is short, about 30 minutes at 60°C;
  • it has elastic properties, which allows it to be used on plastic parts;
  • it is applied with a spray gun undercover.

Good to know: if you want to obtain a matt appearance without changing the colour of your bodywork, it is possible to have a special varnish applied by an experienced bodywork specialist. However, if you want a complete change of colour, you will have to paint your car entirely with matt car paint.

Tips for applying matt car paint

Matt Car Paint

Matt car paint requires professional application and body shop tools for a perfect finish. It is, therefore, best to call in a professional who will give you a quote.

You can choose to have this paint done to your vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Good to know: if the cost of a matt car paint job seems prohibitive and difficult to finance, another technique exists: applying a matt film to a classic bodywork. This technique, known as “covering”, is a more economical way of achieving the matt finish you want. However, beware of the quality of the products chosen, as some entry-level products have a limited lifespan.

Maintenance of matt car paint

Matt Car Paint

The bodywork of a car painted with matt paint should not be maintained in the traditional way. Scrubbing a car body causes it to polish, which results in a shine. Therefore, a product specially designed for this paint should be applied to keep it shine-free and shiny.

Good to know: matt car paint is more fragile to the touch than the classic version. It also requires more extensive repairs in the event of scratches or dents. Only the affected area can be treated; the entire panel must be repaired in the matt version.

A bodywork specialist must apply the paint. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a precise estimate specifying whether it is to be applied to your vehicle’s exterior and interior.

For small parts such as rims or frames, it is possible to use matt paint sold to private individuals.

Matt car paint is a product for auto bodywork that car paint dealers sell for professionals. It is sold in 1-litre pots for private customers and can be found on websites specialising in the sale of tuning products and car accessory shops.

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