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    – Motorcycle oil: 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine?

    – Motorcycle oil: oil change and frequency

    – Motorcycle oil: selection criteria for a 4-stroke engine

The primary purpose of oil in an engine is to keep it in good condition and ensure its proper operation. This component is used to cool the engine, prevent corrosion of delicate internal parts and clean the engine. Carefully selected and combined with other factors, engine oil can also increase the power of a frame.

However, to do so, it is essential to distinguish the right product from the wrong one at the time of purchase. To make a choice, you must take many parameters into account:

    – The rider’s driving style and how he uses his bike: city tour, long rides on endless roads, or motorcycle races on a racetrack.

    – The climatic conditions: does the rider live in a cold or relatively temperate environment?

Here is everything you need to know to choose the right oil for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle oil: 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine?

The two are in no way compatible or similar:

    • You must mix-2-stroke engine oil with gasoline. Both products feed the engine, which consumes them greedily. Therefore, you must control the level, which tends to evaporate.
    • Four-stroke engine oil is stored in the engine and must be changed. Otherwise, it takes a black color, and its action becomes limited.

Motorcycle oil: oil change and frequency

Manufacturers recommend oil changes every 6,000 km. If you are using your bike specifically for urban trips, your vigilance must be even more important! Oil does not have time to become fluid enough to be used during short trips.

Motorcycle oil: criteria for choosing a 4-stroke engine

At a professional or in supermarkets, engine oil can be endless on the shelves! This is a real headache for anyone who is not a specialist. Before making your choice, follow the guide.

The material of the oil

First, there is the texture; you have the choice between:

    – the mineral which will be cheaper and less resistant than the others;

    – the semi-synthetic and the protective and high-performance synthetic, which will be more expensive.

The range is relatively broad: the range starts at $5 and goes up to $70.


If you don’t know anything about it, you can always refer to the manufacturer’s advice. Otherwise, be aware that oil has two grades: hot and cold. The first is indicated before the W, the other after.

The oil can be distinguished as follows: 15W50. The higher the grade before the W, the more it means that the oil will effectively protect the frame during heavy use. The oil will be viscous in extreme temperatures and will protect the engine.

Good to know: Remember that the mount does a lot! If you are a rider racing against others on the track, the engine will be pushed in its efforts and will need more protection.

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